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Welcome to the new Melanie’s UK Swingers. Melanie’s has been serving the swinging community for the past seven years and still continues to provide a top free service to all new time swingers and of course regular experienced swingers looking for a bit of fun. Inside you’ll find everything you’ll ever need to make successful contact with UK swingers like you from meet me boards, swingers profiles, club listings to dogging locations. You’ll be able to make new friends on the boards and in the chatroom, whilst replying to the photo profiles all for free. Since being online we have had close to a million single swingers/ swinging couples joining up and going on to enjoy sex parties right across the country. Whether you are in England, Wales, Ireland or Scotland you will find fuck partners to meet you any day of the week for all kinds of sex meets. Click here to visit our swingers site.

Everyone who uses Melanie’s swingers can sign up for free and browse the site, but if you’d like to use any of the interactive features on Melanie’s, such as replying to profiles, posting on the web boards, viewing the exhibitionist pics or chatting in the chatroom, you’ll need a FREE site membership which is pretty straight forward to grab and within a matter of minutes you can be inside Melanie’s swingers and chatting to real swingers near you. Browse genuine submitted swinger ads, chat with horny couples online in our chat rooms, hook up with single swingers and so much more. Being swingers ourselves we know how hard it can be to find those special partners and know what you guys and girls want so come on join the UK’s hottest genuine swinger website for free today and start your search for your perfect swinging partners.

Please note Melanie’s swingers is an adult swinging site for over 18’s and contains nude photos and adult content. If this kind of material offends you then please leave Melanie’s UK swingers now.

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Thick Milf masturbating with her chubby belly and shaved pussy on show

If you are looking for perfectly aged beauty then you should definitely check out BlondeMILF. You won’t believe that this blonde bombshell is 57 years old. She still looks young and invigorated, as if she’s an innocent teenie looking for some summertime fun with boys. But don’t be fooled, this mama has years of perverted experience. She has explored all kinds of fetish or kink at least once in her life. Naturally, BlondeMILF became naughtier and more twisted, and of course, she knows exactly what makes her satisfied because she experimented with fetishes that many people aren’t even aware of. As a mature woman on MasturbateOnline, she knows what a man needs, and if you want to be a lucky one you should go one-on-one with this cock-whisper. She will do whatever to have an orgasm and to make you jizz equally as hard. Those who had the opportunity to interact with this gorgeous MILF in private sessions left only five stars reviews. Continue reading Thick Milf masturbating with her chubby belly and shaved pussy on show

Kent swingers – Find swingers in Kent for NSA fun tonight

Kent has got a ton of sexy swingers and they are here for you! Our site is a new internet hub for dating swingers who live near to Kent or for those who travel to Kent and want to have sex in a swinging lifestyle. The swinging lifestyle is a huge part of the U.K. and it is also a very discreet lifestyle. Your neighbors, your friends, and more could be a part of it and you would never even know until you become a part of this Kent Swingers site. Kent swingers are getting it on here with the sexiest of the sexy and the wildest of the wild. Swinging sex is kinky and not everyone has the heart for it but if you do, then let the kinkiness begin. The kinkiest thing about Surrey swingers is that they are totally wild and unabashedly horny. You just won’t believe it when you check it all out! It’s much hotter than you would ever imagine. Click here to meet strangers 4 sex.

If you sign up and want to be a part of the Kent swingers site, then you will be pleased. There are hundreds of hot profiles of singles who want to swing and also couples who are looking for other couples or singles to engage in swinging fun with them. It is all about preference and Continue reading Kent swingers – Find swingers in Kent for NSA fun tonight

Genuine wife swappers that want to spice up their sex lives

Trying new things sexually is what keeps our sex lives interesting and if both you and your wife are on the same wave length and always looking to spice up your sex lives a little bit more then why don’t you try your hand at wife swapping? Wife swapping is amazing me and my husband have enjoyed countless wife swapping parties over the last seven years in fact we have a wife swap met set up for next Saturday evening and we can not wait!


There are wife swapping parties happening behind closed doors right across England, Wales, Ireland and of course Scotland every night of the week and you really don’t have to go spend your money on memberships to big clubs to enjoy it instead why don’t you meet with our wife swappers for free? We have thousands of genuine wife swapping couples online right now who are looking for fun asap. Whether your seeking one couple to make it a foursome or maybe go a bit bigger and invite a few couples around tonight for sex we can make it happen and for us to help you really need to join up with Melanie’s swingers and start your adventure with us today. Meet Strangers 4 Sex by registering for free. Continue reading Genuine wife swappers that want to spice up their sex lives

Guy from Shrewsbury whats you to shag his wife and let him watch

Have you ever had a fantasy about shagging another guys slut wife right in front of him? Then why don’t you make that fantasy become a reality today with a little help from Melanie’s swingers? We have thousands of married couples right across the UK who want to invite fit single men into the bedroom for no strings casual sex. I mean there’s a guy from Shrewsbury who whats you to shag his horny wife and let him watch. They’re not really swingers, he never takes part but gets turned on by another man penetrating and ejaculating in his loving wife. If this is something you’ve thought about and want to try then make sure you have an account at Strangers4Sex.com.

Our naughty housewives have some kind of cuckold fetish going on and they get pretty turned on by the idea of another man who’s ten times better at sex fucking them in front of their husbands and are Continue reading Guy from Shrewsbury whats you to shag his wife and let him watch

Horny milf swinger from Stoke looking for a good shag

Stoke Milf pulls her knickers down to her ankles in the kitchen and exposes her pussy.

Are you looking for horny mums who love to play? Then you are at the right place. Melanie’s swingers is well known for its wild swingers and horny sex contacts so when you join looking for naughty mums you know you are going to be met with the horniest MILFS in no time. Here we have married and single mums who are sick of straight boring sex in the bedroom and want something a little bit more exciting and what better way to spice up your sex life than a little bit of swinging? This Horny milf swinger from Stoke is looking for a good shag and she’s not alone, there are milfs from all over the UK looking for staggers for sex. Check out our Sex4Strangers.com sex contacts site for more details. Continue reading Horny milf swinger from Stoke looking for a good shag

Nottingham wife’s first swingers party

Horny housewife shares a naked selfie wearing just her white see through panties.

Swingers parties are great ways to make new friends and spend an evening having sexy fun. Parties are wonderful for first timers, unlike a straight meeting where you have the awkwardness of nerves etc, parties allow you to mingle with the other guests and meet people who you might like to swing with. Remember that you don’t have to swing at a party. The first party we went to was after our first straight meeting (which wasn’t problem free), but the party was great. We made some new friends and had some fun.So if you’re thinking of going to a swingers party, the next thing to decide is what sort of a party do you want to go to. Some parties are for couples only, some are mixed, some are like orgies, some have playrooms for fun, some just use the whole house. Do you want to go to a large party or a smaller gathering? Click here to find a swingers party near you.

What ever you decide, make sure you get all the facts before you set out. Most swingers are guests at parties, few actually hold their own (which I think is a shame), and those who do are good at it. Here are a few tips if you are a guest at party. hopefully, they’ll make your first timer flow easier. If you live far away from the party, make sure you arrange for somewhere to stay and make sure you have time to arrange on time. Many parties have a closed door policy, if you’re not in on time, you don’t get in. Remember the party hosts don’t want their neighbors seeing naked people nipping up the stairs, so arrange on time, so the fun can start. Ask about drinks, condoms and parking and whether its just for couples or is it mixed?

If you need to know more then why don’t you come and chat with our real swingers? They are willing to share their sexy secrets and stories with you and are here to meet for sex. There is so much information on dogging and swinging inside the members area so you really shouldn’t have to worry about swinging or sex parties if this is your very first time. Just always remember to stay safe and of course have lots of kinky fun. Join Sex4Strangers.com for free.

Single female from Blackpool is really horny and wants to be a couples slutty plaything

I’m a single swinger, will I be welcome? Swinging is usually thought of as a couples activity. In some clubs they have a strictly couples only policy. This is to keep the balance fairly even, and to keep the activity primarily a couples event. There are clubs that welcome women or men and some even hold specific nights for singles. Single females are always welcome in the swingers scene, most of the time you can get into parties and clubs for free. (If you are a single female, and would like to get into swinging, then have a look at our meet us page, we’ll be gentle – honest). As a single female, make sure you read the safety advice before arranging any meetings, better to be safe than sorry. I’ve been that single female from Blackpool is really horny and wants to be a couples slutty plaything. I always had a fantasy of been shared by a couple, used I supposed and treated as a sex toy so of course I naturally took to the swinging scene.  Some sites are couples only but you can register for free at Sex4Strangers.com which welcomes both couples and singles. Continue reading Single female from Blackpool is really horny and wants to be a couples slutty plaything

First time swinging advice from young swingers based in Birmingham

UK exhibitionist and swinger shares a pussy selfie to her profile.

So you’ve posted your advert, you’ve gone through your replies, and you’ve found a couple to swing with for the first time. By now you’ve chatted on-line, got to know each other over the phone, they sound nice enough people and have the same likes and dislikes as you….She is bi-curious, he is straight, they are looking for a first time experience, and have been looking for the right people for sometime now.  They live just an hour away, and are willing to meet you. You all admit that you’re not supermodels, and laugh about your nervousness….. I bet you have butterfly’s (I still do, five years on). Now, we run our own swingers site called Strangers4sex.com, feel free to browse the ads and make contact with like minded first time swingers. Continue reading First time swinging advice from young swingers based in Birmingham

First time swingers thinking about wife swapping at Mel’s swingers party

BBW housewife and mature swinger takes a nude selfie with a young first time swinger at a Sheffield sex party.

If you are considering getting into the scene, then there are a few things you need to think about before you go any further. Maybe you and your partner have fantasized about it, and decided that you might like to go a step further and do it, but have you thought about the consequences? If either of you have any doubts, then you need to talk about them, and decide whether it is worth going any further.If you are ready to take the plunge then take a look at Sex4Strangers.com, there are many first time swingers looking for wife swapping fun.

Think about what you would be happy with your partner doing, and what they would be happy for you to do, then come up with your rules. For example when we first started swinging our rules were:

Safe sex (Nowadays couples are fucking bareback)
We would only swing together in the same room, not separate.
No arranging anything without the other there.

These rules were designed to help protect our relationship from swinging. It may sound a bit strange, but without knowing what activities we are comfortable with each other doing, it could be quite easy to do something that upsets your partner. Everyone has their own rules, and yours need to be Continue reading First time swingers thinking about wife swapping at Mel’s swingers party

Meet couples who want to wife share as well as singles looking for fun

BBW housewife naked getting ready for a wife swap party in Maidstone, Kent

Swinging is a the term used when a couple invite others into their sexual relationship. A lot of people believe that single people looking for singles are swingers, and that isn’t true. Single people that pull in pubs and clubs aren’t swingers are they? Swingers are not people that are bored with their private sex lives, they just like to try new things with other people. Swingers are open minded normal people that enjoy having sex with other people, and watching their partner have sex with other people. It gives you the chance to experiment with your partner watching or getting involved. On our sex contacts Sex4Strangers.com you can meet both married housewives and singles looking for sex. Simply click here to browse all strangers sex ads.

Many couples who want to get into the scene start with either the woman wanting to experiment with their bi side, and the man wanting to watch, the woman wanting more than one man at once, or the Continue reading Meet couples who want to wife share as well as singles looking for fun