Genuine wife swappers that want to spice up their sex lives

Trying new things sexually is what keeps our sex lives interesting and if both you and your wife are on the same wave length and always looking to spice up your sex lives a little bit more then why don’t you try your hand at wife swapping? Wife swapping is amazing me and my husband have enjoyed countless wife swapping parties over the last seven years in fact we have a wife swap met set up for next Saturday evening and we can not wait!


There are wife swapping parties happening behind closed doors right across England, Wales, Ireland and of course Scotland every night of the week and you really don’t have to go spend your money on memberships to big clubs to enjoy it instead why don’t you meet with our wife swappers for free? We have thousands of genuine wife swapping couples online right now who are looking for fun asap. Whether your seeking one couple to make it a foursome or maybe go a bit bigger and invite a few couples around tonight for sex we can make it happen and for us to help you really need to join up with Melanie’s swingers and start your adventure with us today. Meet Strangers 4 Sex by registering for free. Continue reading Genuine wife swappers that want to spice up their sex lives

Nottingham wife’s first swingers party

Horny housewife shares a naked selfie wearing just her white see through panties.

Swingers parties are great ways to make new friends and spend an evening having sexy fun. Parties are wonderful for first timers, unlike a straight meeting where you have the awkwardness of nerves etc, parties allow you to mingle with the other guests and meet people who you might like to swing with. Remember that you don’t have to swing at a party. The first party we went to was after our first straight meeting (which wasn’t problem free), but the party was great. We made some new friends and had some fun.So if you’re thinking of going to a swingers party, the next thing to decide is what sort of a party do you want to go to. Some parties are for couples only, some are mixed, some are like orgies, some have playrooms for fun, some just use the whole house. Do you want to go to a large party or a smaller gathering? Click here to find a swingers party near you.

What ever you decide, make sure you get all the facts before you set out. Most swingers are guests at parties, few actually hold their own (which I think is a shame), and those who do are good at it. Here are a few tips if you are a guest at party. hopefully, they’ll make your first timer flow easier. If you live far away from the party, make sure you arrange for somewhere to stay and make sure you have time to arrange on time. Many parties have a closed door policy, if you’re not in on time, you don’t get in. Remember the party hosts don’t want their neighbors seeing naked people nipping up the stairs, so arrange on time, so the fun can start. Ask about drinks, condoms and parking and whether its just for couples or is it mixed?

If you need to know more then why don’t you come and chat with our real swingers? They are willing to share their sexy secrets and stories with you and are here to meet for sex. There is so much information on dogging and swinging inside the members area so you really shouldn’t have to worry about swinging or sex parties if this is your very first time. Just always remember to stay safe and of course have lots of kinky fun. Join for free.

Useful dogging information plus pic of dogging slut with her knickers pulled down!

Dogging slut pulls her knickers down and lets a stranger take pics.

New to dogging and what to know a little about it before jumping in the deep end and meeting dogging sluts then read our take on dogging now! What is Dogging? dogging is the broad term used to cover all the sexual outdoor activities that go on. This can be anything from putting on a show from your car, to a gang bang on a picnic table. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Dogging involves exhibitionism and voyeurism and this combination goes hand in hand. The voyeurs are mainly men and the exhibitionists are mainly couples or women who love to attract attention and often invite people to join in. Dogging is predominately something us British enjoy, the open air, countryside and car parks! Click here to check out, a great site for doggers to arrange meets and chat.

There are a few rules that doggers have in place which are practiced to keep each and every one of you safe at every dogging meet so please read these and take them on board:

Talk to your partner or wife about it – If it’s your first time dogging, then you need to talk about what you’re looking to get out Continue reading Useful dogging information plus pic of dogging slut with her knickers pulled down!