First time swingers thinking about wife swapping at Mel’s swingers party

BBW housewife and mature swinger takes a nude selfie with a young first time swinger at a Sheffield sex party.

If you are considering getting into the scene, then there are a few things you need to think about before you go any further. Maybe you and your partner have fantasized about it, and decided that you might like to go a step further and do it, but have you thought about the consequences? If either of you have any doubts, then you need to talk about them, and decide whether it is worth going any further.If you are ready to take the plunge then take a look at, there are many first time swingers looking for wife swapping fun.

Think about what you would be happy with your partner doing, and what they would be happy for you to do, then come up with your rules. For example when we first started swinging our rules were:

Safe sex (Nowadays couples are fucking bareback)
We would only swing together in the same room, not separate.
No arranging anything without the other there.

These rules were designed to help protect our relationship from swinging. It may sound a bit strange, but without knowing what activities we are comfortable with each other doing, it could be quite easy to do something that upsets your partner. Everyone has their own rules, and yours need to be decided before you proceed. Sit down and both of you write the sort of things you’d like to try and things that you don’t want your partner doing. Once you’ve done this, swap papers, it can be a real eye opener. Try to come to some middle ground over what you are comfortable with and what you don’t want to do. Use this information to make your rules, and stick to them.

Most swingers enjoy watching their partners have sex with another person, watching another person enjoy what you have all the time. This is part of swinging, not only getting and giving, but enjoying the fact that your partner who you love are enjoying themselves as much as you. Don’t let your jealous feelings build up and ruin your relationship…talk! Safe sex is another important thing to think about. Every swinger should practice safe sex, as they are putting themselves and everyone else that may share their bed at risk of sexually transmitted diseases. You cannot know everyones sexual history, so is it worth taking the risk?

We have so much more advice we would like to share with you and our swingers are happy to share their experiences and swinging stories with you too. Our swinging advice is perfect for all first time swingers and if this is you then please feel free to join Melanie’s swingers and chat with our genuine swingers today, If your questions are answered and your ready to meet for sex then simply browse local swingers and when you find some one you like then send them a private message letting them know your up for a swinging meet asap. Click here to meet real swingers in your area.

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